Day 2 of the most valuable free advice you will ever recieve

Hi everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed yesterdays blog, today I am adding content from my mothers old blog giving you all extremely valuable advice about Feng Shui outside the home.

Probably the best Feng Shui advice you will ever receive…

As many of you know, the Feng Shui store is one of the oldest and longest established Feng Shui companies in the world. My Mother and Father started writing the Feng Shui store monthly newsletter around 11 years ago; this instantly attracted an enormous fan base from people all around the world of all walks [...]

A big bowl of pasta and meatballs, yumm.

I went round to my Nans house at lunchtime to see how she was and she gave me a big bowl of pasta and meatballs to take home and reheat for dinner. Obviously nothing gets better than your nans cooking!

My trip to Ace Cafe in London

Last thursday i went to Ace Cafe in London for a Mini car show. My friend recently got his classic mini rebuilt and he wanted to show it off a the show so we all went up with him to show him support.

I was finding the location on Google maps when i noticed that the [...]

What is a pyramids facing direction?

As some of you may already know, my dad is in Egypt this week for work. He sent me a puzzle through an email in the form of a picture.

A bit of a late entry

Sorry that I did’nt write anything yesterday, i had a mad rush catching up with all the work from the weekend, im back up to date now so i can add to the blog.

Thank you all for your comments on here, I really do appreciate them, i find myself waking up in the morning and [...]

Make hay while the sun shine.

Sunday always seems to be the day that my parents get their trainers on and water the plants, plant new seeds, cut the grass and trim all the bushes and today is no exception especially for those of us in the UK enjoying this absolutely wonderful weather.

I personally am wondering how long the good weather will last, i dont mean to [...]

Wheelie Bins, Friend Or Foe???

Good afternoon everyone!

What a weird day, there’s condensation over all the cars, grey clouds in the sky and an uncomfortable mugginess in the air. How typical that the good weather goes away when the weekend is nearly here.

My First Post




Michael started this Feng Shui blog in 2007 with the intention of keeping it updated everyday, but sadly due [...]