Make hay while the sun shine.

Sunday always seems to be the day that my parents get their trainers on and water the plants, plant new seeds, cut the grass and trim all the bushes and today is no exception especially for those of us in the UK enjoying this absolutely wonderful weather.

I personally am wondering how long the good weather will last, i dont mean to sound like a pessimist but this is Britain and im sure all of you who have visited here or live here will agree that the weather cant stay too great for too long. This is why i think it is best not to put the gardening off and get your wellies on and start planting!

I always  thought they were just keen gardeners but when i started studying Feng shui two years ago i realised that this was also for Feng Shui purposes.

star chart gardening

The 8 star is the primary wealth area of the home, so it is a good idea to keep your garden clear of clutter if the 8 falls into this area.

Also bare in mind that in the Southeast in 2009, the #8 star is located here and you should keep this area as clear, clean and bright as possible and encourage lots of colourful plants to grow in this area.

Just imagine all the weeds, dead plants, pointy trees and dead leaves in your garden, that has to produce negative (sha chi) energy.

My mum and dad have placed amethyst geodes around the garden and have planted hanging baskets all around the garden.

Amethyst Geode

The best way to create positive energy in your garden and the Southeast in 2009 (wealth area) is to introduce bright coloured flowers, keep the grass tidy, make sure all bushes are trimmed and neat, remove all dead leaves and plants, also it is always a good idea to keep mould and moss clear as much as possible as this can be quite destructive from a Feng Shui point of view especially when you have yin flying stars in your natal chart.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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1 comment to Make hay while the sun shine.

  • Meena

    Hi Daniel
    iam so glad you are writing this blog. I have followed michaells website for years, in my 16 years in feng shui he is by far the best. I know with his training you will give us good reading.
    Good wishes daniel

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