A big bowl of pasta and meatballs, yumm.

I went round to my Nans house at lunchtime to see how she was and she gave me a big bowl of pasta and meatballs to take home and reheat for dinner. Obviously nothing gets better than your nans cooking!

As some of you already know, placing a stove is extremely important in Feng Shui as a stove is a large fire element. to find out how to place your stove in a good area it is recommended to perform a Feng Shui consultation on your home or to hire a Feng Shui consultant to do this for you if you are unsure.

Michael released a free print out at the beginning of 2009 to place in your kitchen on the sides and above your stove, you can find the link below.

Kitchen Gods

I hope you all have a good weekend and shall write again on here tomorrow.

Take care


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