Day 2 of the most valuable free advice you will ever recieve

Hi everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed yesterdays blog, today I am adding content from my mothers old blog giving you all extremely valuable advice about Feng Shui outside the home.

Outside the home:

1) The garden is often overlooked and now is a perfect time to make sure all drains are cleared and cleaned, and I do mean lifting drain covers and cleaning out and disinfecting, this is very important and the Sha Ch’i (negative energy) from them can cause many problems. Gutters and down-pipes also hold much Sha Ch’i especially if they are full of old dead leaves, just put your nose up close and the smell will tell all. One thing we found this year was our main drain had a small crack and was letting waste into the ground, had we left this would have caused us extreme problems so worth checking and repairing if necessary. I know this may not seem like the glamorous text you would normally read in Feng Shui books but to us and the more authentic Feng Shui Master these jobs are critical for good Feng Shui.

2) If you have an outside pond or water feature make sure it is super clean and cleared of all dead leaves fallen from the winter. Water is critical to good Feng Shui but the quality of water is paramount. It must be clean flowing and the flow of water must point towards the home.

3) Think twice before installing a pond, fountain or even a bird bath, they are the most powerful cure or enhancer in Feng Shui, place it in the correct area and you can get fantastic results, place it wrong and you could be bankrupt within months. A safe place for water this year is the southeast for indoors and east or southwest for outdoors (next twenty years). If you are unsure about placing a water feature outside get one of those cheap ones from the garden centre and place it temporally and see how things go, if things improve in your life then you can install a more permanent feature.

4) Think twice and then twice again and again about cutting down trees or hedges or erecting or taking down fences, you should really get a professional consultation done before changing the land formations outside your home. A good example of this is one of Michaels clients early in the year phoned him to say things were not going to well, Michael had done a consultation about fours years previous and their business and every aspect of their life had turned round for the better.

His client phoned him and told him a list of problems ranging from business gone to complete standstill, arguments in the home, the list was endless, after an hour Michael had found that within the last six months because of their new wealth they had built a small swimming pool in the rear garden erected a new high brick wall, cut down trees and other major changes surrounding the home, it looked great but was not good for the home. 70% of good or bad Feng Shui is outside your home, a neighbour’s home could be giving you great wealth or causing you health problems, trees in your garden could be enhancing your relationship with your partner or causing you legal problems.

5) Ba Gua mirrors, hot topic always, if you have one outside make sure you renew it every year, they hold much negative energy and some websites sell plastic ones that never age, they are lethal and we only sell wooden ones as they age after a year or so thus telling you to replace it. Only use concave or convex mirrors if you know what you are doing and never never never have them inside your home, I know I keep telling you this but I bet between Michael and myself we see about 4 homes a month that have them inside because they have read somewhere that they make bathroom disappear or whatever.

6) Walk round the garden or better still ask a friend to come over and walk around the outside and inside of your home and let them tell you the negative things they see and return the favour to them, be prepared you may fall out over it. Sometimes we cannot see the woods for the trees and overlook many things.

7) Check behind the garage, shed or the side of home and get rid of all that junk, you know what I am talking about, the old bike, the broken wheelbarrow, the bits of timber you did not want to throw away, the old BBQ you kept for spares, I only know what you may have because that was me 15 years ago, stored junk is Sha Ch’i negative energy and it causes many problems. Fix broken fence panels, repair cracks in patio and a general hammer and nail tidy up.

8 ) Pot plants, every year Michael scrapes the top soil of all our pot plants and replaces with fresh soil, it is amazing the difference it makes with all the moss and dead leaves cleared, he lifts all the pots up and pressure cleans underneath, in fact twice a year he pressure cleans all the drives, patios especially on the north side of house and office because this side is very Yin and mossy.

9) Another task Michael does is clean or repaints the front main door; this year is easy for us as we have replaced our main door. It is worth spending a few hours cleaning the door and glass, oiling hinges, polishing brass, fixing broken door furniture etc because the main door is one of the most important areas of the home, it is usually where the main Ch’i enters your home and the quality of Ch’i will be as good as the state of repair to the door. Remember the quality of the Ch’i that enters your home is governed by the quality of your main door and its surroundings.

This also applies to door mats and door frames. Door mats should be kept very clean and make sure no shoes are kept by the door. Either way, you wouldn’t want to neglect the new shoes you bought from Shoe Hero by letting them accumulate dust—keep them away from the mats. Did you also know that dirty windows can make you loose 30% daylight (Sheng Ch’i) in a home?

Honestly you must believe me when I say these are essential tips for good Feng Shui, it is not just about placing 3 legged Toads and Buddha’s, you need to take a good look around the home inside and out.

10) Make sure you remove all dead plants and trees, this is probably one of the worst Sha Ch’i you can find around any home and will cause many problems.

11) Try and encourage wild life into your garden, we use simple bird feeders and it is amazing the amount of Yang energy (Sheng Ch’i) they create. Again not the sort of thing you read in a Feng Shui book but vital for overall balance.

Next month I will be doing a similar section for inside the home, these are all tips that I use for our home and business and are extremely powerful and often overlooked. Do you know what I love about writing these newsletters? It reminds me of what I should be doing, since writing this newsletter I have given Michael 2 extra jobs to do and created 1 for myself (just washed my doormats).

Well there we have it for another day. Tomorrow I will be talking about simple yet extremely effective Feng Shui cures inside your home.

Thank you all for reading.


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5 comments to Day 2 of the most valuable free advice you will ever recieve

  • Gilda

    thank you for updating this blog. i have practiced feng shui for a few years now and it is great to be reminded of the basics. more power to your family. this is my favorite feng shui website.

  • Sheila

    Great blog, please could you give me any advice on trying to sell my house at the moment.
    Much appreciated.

  • rose shipley

    thanks for all this information, there is so much to consider and change! i was going to just do a pond water feature but will now impliment a flowing water feature facing my home! thanks!





  • admin

    Hi Ritchie,

    Thanks for your kind words. The water must be “yang water” which is moving water or a pond with fish inside. Yin water is still water like a bird bath and must not be used in this case.
    Hope this helps

    Kind regards

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