Day 4 of the most valuable advice- The Feng Shui comandments

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Today I am going to give you an extremely valuable lesson which has helped me throughout my studies so far. Please feel free to print this out and keep it for reference.

Today’s blog is all about the Feng Shui commandments. These are useful facts you should keep in mind when studying or carrying out a consultation and are paying attention to any of the five subjects below.

The commandments are split into 5 different sections including:

  • Flying star birth chart
  • Ruling periods
  • Main door orientation
  • Bedrooms
  • Stove and toilet positions.


    1. The position of the main front door is extremely important as it determines the entry point of the Qi in the home
    2. If you live in a modern city, tall buildings or architecture can represent mountains.
    3. The surrounding environment determines the quality of the Feng Shui around your home; always make sure you observe the traffic flow, landscape, vegetation, and water features. And take note of them when performing a consultation.
    4. If you live in the countryside, an open space or low flying land can replace water.
    5. Opening a new door may change the facing of the house, provided the old door is closed. In this case, a new chart may be drawn up so that you can recalculate your flying star chart for your property.
    6. Door openings should be in proportion to the building. Big buildings with small doors are generally not auspicious as the doors do net let enough Qi enter the building and become very stagnant in regards to energy.
    7. Opening a new door to receive the timely star for an old house does not change the birth chart of the house. It should be opened along the facing with a timely star.
    8. For toilets and wash areas, place on faded stars like #2 and #5 sectors when analysing your star chart.
    9. Opening a new side door to activate the main door does not change the flying star birth.
    10. The main front door should not be lower than the road, unless the road is higher than the floor level.
    11. When you build an extension, if the new extension area does not have a separate entrance, the old age remains for the floor chart. If the old entrance is closed off and the new extension area becomes the main entrance then we can consider a new age for the entire house.
    12. Dark areas without sunlight or lighting are considered very inauspicious because “yang” energy is attracted to this environment.
    13. If a house is divided into two houses, the old age still remains; we can however consider two different charts.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this; I shall post the other half of the list tomorrow for you.

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