Almanac 19th August 2009 (Serious spelling mistake version)

Gd mornin evry1,

*****Just a bit of fun****

I am sure that many of us are guilty of this from time to time when text messaging each other in a hurry, this seems more common with people around my age group nowadays but my mum and dad (more dad than mum) still try to keep up to date and shorten a word or two in a 500 word text message. Funnily enough, I just accused my dad of this and he completely denied it so I got my phone out and showed him the text messages he has sent me and of course I was right yet again!!!

We are always saying we need to keep up with the times so I have rewritten today’s blog in a much more lazy format for a bit of fun.

As mny of u wil no, da feng shway Stor hav dne a mnthly almanac (Tong Shu) n they hve prvid dis 3 of chrge 4 ovr tn yrs. I thout it wud b a kl idea 2 go a bit frtha n provyd u wit a dly almanac showin gd n bd activities 4 each indiv Chinese animal. Ill try 2 kp dis as frqnt as posbl bt their wil b dys im unabl 2 pst on here coz im bsy priods n of crse wit my hliday to Bulgaria on da 4th of Sep wich of cors im cnstntly goin on bout 2 evrybdy at wrk. Blw is a scrn sht tkn 4rm are Tong Shu Almanac sftwre showin 2days (19th August 2009) 12 pet Almanac, i will pst anuva cpy 2nyt showin 2moros Almanac so u cn all pln ur day rnd it.Almanac Blw is a lst of gd n bd stuff thruout 2day, so try n avoid da stuff in da red list if u cn.good and bad activities 4 thos of u tht nd 2 pln a date ahed in Aug 09 here is a mnthly gnrl ovrvew, soz 4 the pr picha bt i hd 2 mke it smalla so it fits.monthly almanac I wil pst 2moz’s almanac up 4 u al lata 2day.

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