Tong Shu almanac for 21st August 2009

I have a bit of a confession to make, here i am posting The tong Shu Almanac for you all to read and use to avoid bad luck and the one day i forgot to check my own Almanac is the day i end up in a car crash, talk about bad karma. My friend was driving down a road near mine last night and misjudged a corner, the next thing we know the brakes locked up and we were skidding towards a curb before flipping the car and ending up upside down in a ditch. Luckily we both got out ok and the police, ambulance and fire brigade showed up near enough straight away.

I was taken down to A&E in an ambulance and checked over and was given the all clear after not long.

Life really is prescious, i think we all forget now and again how lucky we are to be alive, i certainly have discovered a new love for life all over again!


Back to the subject, as i promised, here is the four pillars, animal forecast and Almanac for tomorrow (21st August 2009).

Animal forecast
Four pillars


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