Four pillars for 24th August 2009

Here is the Four pillars for the 24th of August 2009.

Four Pillars

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2 comments to Four pillars for 24th August 2009

  • Jayne

    Hi Daniel , hope you have recovered from your car crash . i agree life is very precious and its only when we are faced with uncertainties that we appreciate what we really do have . i need some giudance pls . ive been without a job for a few months now and things are getting very strained at home – is there anything that i can do to change this run of bad luck pls ?
    birth date :17/4/64 @ 20:40hrs
    chinese animal : dragon
    i look forward to hearing from you soon with some good news

  • admin

    Hi Jayne,

    Thank you for your kind words, the only bruises I have are my ego. From the birth details you have given me you are a:

    Chien Trigram

    West group person

    Best directions to face west, northeast, southwest and northwest

    Chinese animal: Wood Dragon

    You should obtain 7 small stones around the size of a ping pong ball and place thenm in the west of your home and try and obtain the stones from your garden or at least sokme land as close to your home. Try and also leave some of the mud or dirt on the stones.

    You must place the 7 stones this coming Friday between 5.05 pm – 6.58pm or Monday between 3.07pm – 4.52pm

    This must be followed very carefully and exactly as I say.

    I really hope this helps Jayne.

    Kind regards


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