Feng Shui for romance, Tip #1 of 10

No doubt you are aware by now my views on most Feng Shui books, some are very good but many of them are bad or incorrect. There is so much misleading information out there and this can cause problems for many people who are trying to get positive results whether for the bedroom, health or wealth. I have written below the facts without question, these will go against everything you have read or been taught but here goes anyway. The below applies to houses or apartments.



11: Cures and enhancers to use in your bedroom. I have found websites that sell pebbles to place under your pillow, red heart shaped pillows, lists of mantras to recite each night, all of which will improve your romance. Here is a list of effective cures and enhancers and not commercial false ones.

If you are trying for a baby, sleep with your head pointing towards your Nien Yien direction. If you do not know your Nien Yien direction look on our website or  you can purchase the software that calculates it all for you you should also face your oven or microwave oven door towards Nien Yien.

Always use pairs in a bedroom, if you want to attract a new spouse have two pillows side by side, a pair of Mandarin ducks, if you have a painting on the wall make sure it has two people in the picture, candle sticks should always be in pairs, the only time you I would recomend use a single item in the bedroom is if you use a Dragon headed Tortoise but make sure you have a piece of red ribbon in its mouth.

Where should you place your cures? Depending on which school you follow. As you know we only ever use traditional Feng Shui and follow Xuan Kong flying star, which gives powerful results. The standard and most commonly known way is to place items like mandarin ducks or a Dragon headed Tortoise in the south-west of the bedroom or home, so if you wanted to attract new love activate the SW with romantic items like this. It is not something that I would do as the below formula is much more powerful and gets results.

If you want to use a more powerful cure or enhancer use the flying star method, this year (especially this month) you would place a small water feature or a picture of water along with something coloured blue in the south of the home, this can also be the south of your bedroom (avoid water in bedroom unless you have been consulted) or the south of your entire home or both. This would activate the #4 wood star. You would also place another pair of ducks and Dragon headed Tortoise in the east of your bedroom.

To recap and clear any misunderstandings, you would stand in the middle of your home facing the front of house with a compass in hand and find the south, you would then go into your bedroom stand in the centre again facing the same direction (front) and find south of the bedroom and then place the cures.

You can also apply this rule to any flying star in the home or room, so if you wanted to activate the #8 wealth star for 2009 which is located in the southeast, you would place a three legged Toad, crystal sphere or real quartz crystal like amethyst, rose quartz or a fire object or colour or anything to do with finances in the southeast of your home and west of your office or area that you work from. For full details of where the stars are this year visit this link

I hope you have enjoyed reading this, please check back tomorrow for the second part.


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