Facebook competition: free software giveaway

We are giving away a free copy of our world famous academy of Feng Shui professional version software, posted anywhere in the world at no cost at all. The value of this software is £89.00 GBP ($148 USD).

please click on the picture of the software cover to go to the facebook page that we are holding the competition.
software cover

As soon as we have 1000 individual answers in the comments box below, we will choose one lucky winner.

The more friends you can share this competition with the sooner we can announce a winner.


Although Feng Shui dates back over 3000 years, the name “Feng Shui” is relatively new, up until 120 years ago Feng Shui was called?

A: Ken Hom.

B: Kan Yu.

C: Kung Fu.

Good luck

*Please note* Please only enter once as we will be checking for repeated entries. Any multiple entries will be deleted and excluded from the competition,

To find out more about this software please click on this link.

This powerful software can help you improve:

Wealth, business and career.
Relationship and romance.
Health and well-being.
Family & business relationships.
Fame and reputation.
State of mind.
Personal ambitions.
Prevention of unseen obstacles.
Children’s development, academic performance and confidence.
Relations with your neighbours.
Pet’s welfare.

Professional version:

These are just a few of the features; if you follow the link at the bottom you will find many screen shots of the software and further features.

Xuan Kong Flying Star calculations for every 360° direction
Instantly know where the wealth, romance, health, academic areas are at a glance.
Xuan Kong Flying Star analysis
Fixed, annual and monthly flying stars
Location of Annual afflictions. Three killings, Tai Sui & 5 yellow.
Authentic advice for enhancing wealth, business, health, relationships and every aspect of your or your client’s life.
Associated elements to each flying star and direction at a glance · Min Gua calculator
You will not have to spend hours calculating your natal charts or Gua details, and best of all, 100% accuracy.
Calculates displays and prints all Xuan Kong, (Flying Stars) 24-Mountains information according to property’s direction and year of construction.
Calculates displays and prints all Min Gua details.
All 81 flying star combinations are given with advice for cures and/or enhancers.
Five elements advice and charts
Lottery numbers selection
Auspicious Feng Shui measurements
Back-up and restore functions
Every section of the home with advice for cures and enhancers
Your Min Gua good and bad directions for wealth, business, career, relationships & health.
Lists 24 mountains with full Chinese name and an easy reference name like north 1, southeast 2 etc.
Enhancing personal colours for you and your home/office
Personal vulnerabilities
Copy & paste floor plans, charts, images and analysis into any MS Office or similar document or attach to emails
Save floor plans as .BMP file or attach/paste to emails
Import your own images such as scanned floor plans etc. allowing you to superimpose the eight directions over your floor plan along with the flying star chart.
Extensive help files.
House Trigram, element, 24 mountain calculator.
12 Chinese animal calculator
Marriage/relationship compatible calculator
Business partner compatibility calculator
Earthly branch calculator
Floor plan maker with choice of imperial and metric for internal and external wall inserts.
Superimpose all 45 degrees compass points over any floor plan
Your best times of day
Chinese new year (solar calendar, accurate to the minute)compatible from 1923 up to 2023
Your lucky directions (15 degree sector) according to your Chinese animal
Suitable careers · Suitable protection/Talismans
Keep up to date with annual and monthly changes to the flying stars.
Placement of water for wealth.
Cures for the #5 yellow & #2 black sickness and bad luck stars
Wealth, business, relationship, health, career, children and overall harmony advice on each sector of the home or office.
Very fast and accurate.
An amazing learning tool.
Click on the link for even more features…

software screenshot 2software screenshot 1software screenshot 3software screenshot 4software screenshot 5

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