Which colours should you use in a bedroom?

I am going to go against all the books and give you the raw facts yet again.  A bedroom, (stating the obvious here) is generally used for sleeping and because of this, it is considered Yin (quiet) energy.

Many Feng Shui books will tell you that you should paint your bedroom bright red (yang) or bright pinks to activate your relationships, if you have had a consultation and a professional practitioner has informed you that red may be a good colour for you to use as the Feng Shui Practitioner will know all your elements in that particular area (e.g. a male born in 1958 or female born in 1973 which is a Chien trigram can suffer from sklin problems if the room is painted red, burgandy, pink or any fire colour).

If you are unsure of your Trigram follow this link or maybe consider our Feng Shui software.

The best and safest colours to use generally are yin colours such as pastel shades and nothing too bright or loud, the same applies to bed covers and furniture.

You should keep the bedroom spotlessly clean and tidy and it is good to keep doors and curtains kept closed for a few hours in the day, this will keep the yin energy in the room and make it a more restful sleep.

Stay tuned for the next instalment which is all about beams in a bedroom and home, how bad are they really?

I hope you have enjoyed this information.

Warm regards

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