Are T-junctions always bad Feng Shui??

Nearly every Feng Shui book and website that you read will tell you that one of the most disastrous situations in Feng Shui is living or working in a building at the end of a T-junction. They will also tell you that if you live here or have a business here your head will fall off within six months (slight exaggeration)!

It is true that it is not good to live or work at the end of a t junction, but only to a certain extent. It is not good, especially if it is a fast moving road but there are many occasions you can benefit from this and even if there are negatives, you can do so much to cure it.

Take this tailors shop for example in the photo below; this shop is one of the most successful tailors in the world. They moved the business here in 1994 to number 19 Savile Row in London’s most prestigious location and as far as I can tell, they have enjoyed superb  success even with their store at the end of this T-Junction. The flow of traffic is quite slow on Savile Row due to the built up traffic on this road, this represents virtual slow moving water which is good for this type of business.

There are many reasons  why this business has been successful but the main point I am trying to make is that you should take what you read in some Feng Shui books and websites with a pinch of salt, they are normally trying to scare you into buying something from them. One man’s poison is another’s medicine, you can have much benefit from a location like this.

You may have heard that placing a Ba Gua mirror at the end of a T-Junction is very good; this is not always necessary. can you see the two signs (indicated in photo with 2 red arrows) pointing straight at the road, this is even better than a Ba Gua mirror and it filters much of the energy pointing at the shop.

You can use small trees/plants, plant pots, fence, awnings and believe it or not you can even use car suspension springs hidden in a bush. A good Feng Shui Practitioner is worth their weight in gold as they can integrate a cure that works in synergy with the environment of the building; this part is actually very important and most of the time can be overlooked by today’s Feng Shui Practitioners.

Are you surprised at these comments?

Check out the tailors website and do a search on them, it is actually a fascinating story.




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