About Daniel

Michael started this Feng Shui blog in 2007 with the intention of keeping it updated everyday, but sadly due to his constant travels, teaching, seminars and consultations I have decided to take over my dad’s blog and get it going again (bigger and better  of course).


Well my name is Daniel Hanna, I am 21 and have been working at the Feng Shui store for nearly 2 years now and it has been an amazing journey of my life so far.

 At first I found it very challenging to be thrown in right at the deep end of something I had no real knowledge about or something I was so sceptical about in my younger years.

As a teenager I wasn’t allowed my room the colour I wanted or allowed to have the posters of my favourite bands on the walls, I always saw this as a drawback up until I actually started getting into Feng Shui as I am sure most sceptics would have done.


I think what I am trying to say is that throughout my teenage years I always thought Feng Shui was just a big drawback that made my life hard because I had to have my bed facing the south and other things that really weren’t that bad looking back on it now…..

But when I took the time to study Feng Shui and the hormones calmed down a bit, I realised it was so much more than that! Feng Shui taught me to make the most of my life and home, how to avoid trouble and misfortunes and most importantly, my relationship with my mother and father (they forced me to say this!).


I have been studying Feng Shui for nearly two years now, I work 5 days a week at the least from 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday and study from 7pm till 10:30pm every night of the week and I must say, I love every minute of it!

I’ve never been involved in something where the rewards are so satisfying, the amount of emails I receive from clients telling me how much I have helped them change their life circumstances for the better really makes me  prouder and prouder every day to be part of such an amazing business that helps so many people.


Now I am not trying to promote the company here because I think that can be very tasteless, I will not be saying you should buy our software or forcing you to purchase our annual cures kits, I will just be offering free advice daily on all my life lessons.


You may feel that you should not be taking lessons from a 21 year old, but please believe me, In my two years of study in Feng Shui my knowledge is actually more advanced than the majority of Feng Shui practitioners,  but it will still be another two years training before I will be conducting paid consultations, although I may not be 100 percent experienced with Feng Shui, I know that I am cruising perfectly down the road to my destination with my dad holding the steering wheel for me when I need it.


I have done numerous free consultations on my friends and families homes and have always had great results, my dad always checks over the final write up for the consultation and to date, I have never made a mistake.

When I say free consultations, what I mean is that I have not taken any money for this, however I always expect a gift no matter how small as once I do the consultation, the rules of karma kick in and if I do not take anything for doing a consultation their negative energy and bad luck that I have helped them avoid can come straight to me.


I will try my hardest to keep this updated everyday for you all.

I really am excited about building relationships with all of you, just as my dad has over the years; I hope I can speak to all the people that he speaks so fondly of.


Daniel Hanna

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